Tragic Story From Keanu Reeves’ Past That Made Him The Man He Is Today

We’ve always been massive fans of Keanu Reeves, because whilst he may not always be praised for his acting ability, he has still managed to  star in a number of our all time favourite films.

But it’s not just his professional career that we’re interested in,  because the star of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Point Break,  Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Speed and The Matrix is very quickly building up a reputation as being the nicest man in the whole of Hollywood.

From viral videos of him giving up his seat on the underground to  reports of him going out of his way to please fans that approach him in  the street, it’s clear that Reeves is a cut above many of his A-List  contemporaries.

When his flight from San Francisco was recently forced to make an  emergency landing, rather than use his celebrity status to make a swift  and easy exit, Reeves decided to assist his fellow passengers in making  arrangements to get to their destination by other means.

Reeves took the lead in communicating with airline staff and even  travelled with everyone else in one of the vans that had been arranged  to transport the stranded passengers to their destination.

The John Wick star even went so far as to read everyone some fun  facts about Burbank, the location towards which they were travelling.

But it was far from being the first time Reeves had hit the headlines for going the extra mile to look after those around him.

Hello! magazine reported that the actor gave away a quite staggering  $75 million to the costume and special effects teams that worked on his  1999 sci-fi blockbuster The Matrix.

The gift worked out at around $1 million for each team member, making it clear that money is perhaps not on the top of the star’s list of  priorities when it comes to making films.

“Money is the last thing I think about,” Reeves was quoted as saying  when asked about his generosity, continuing “I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries.”

But what is it about Keanu Charles Reeves that sets him apart from  the celebrity crowd? Did an incredibly sad event from his past give him  an extra appreciation and awareness of what really matters in life?

The event we’re referring to occurred on the 24th December 1999, when Reeves’ girlfriend Jennifer Syme gave birth to Ava Archer Syme-Reeves,  who was stillborn.

Reeves and Syme broke up weeks after this awful event, and on the 2nd April 2001 Syme, who at the time was being treated for depression, was  killed when her car crashed into three parked vehicles.

After some time away from the spotlight Reeves returned to film the  two Matrix sequels, and even after having experienced such a personal  tragedy, has had the inner strength to become one of the best loved  stars on the entire planet.

When asked by US TV presenter Stephen Colbert what he believed  happens after we die, Reeves replied “I know that the ones who love us  will miss us.”

We can only wonder if such a tragic experience went some way to  shaping him into the caring, thoughtful, generous human being that he  seems to be today.

Bless you Keanu Reeves, you encourage us all to be better people, and we genuinely hope to see you on our cinema and TV screens for many more years to come.

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