These Are The Best TV Shows

  1. 1 Saturday Nights Were Never The Same

    In 1975, the first episode of Saturday Night Live aired, bringing together some of the most talented writers, actors, and comedians in  entertainment. Fast forward some decades and it’s still going strong.

  2. 2 Imagine Life Without Friends

    Friends barely makes the cut, as it lasted for just ten years.  This was the series that showed all its viewers what life could be like  living in New York City with their closest comrades.

  3. 3 What’s The Name Of The Theory Of How The Universe Started?

    One might not expect a show about highly intelligent “nerds” with striking love interests to be as popular as The Big Bang Theory is, but it lasted for twelve years! 

    In 2010, Jim Parsons (as Sheldon Cooper) won a Primetime Emmy Award for  Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. The series has many awards  under its belt and tons of loyal fans that will tell you how sensational it is. After premiering in 2007, it finally ended in 2019.

  4. 4 It Seems Today, That All We See Is Violence In Movies

    We’re going to include an even more iconic cartoon comedy later, but first, Family Guy. Since debuting in 1999, Seth MacFarlane continues to dish out hilarious puns, satire, and dark jokes to keep the fans happy. 

    Peter Griffin is the patriarch of the family, even though he’s no smarter  than your average 5th grader, and he always finds himself in a pickle.  This is a series that can continue going for however long the voice  actors want it to. 

  5. 5 Special Victims Unit Has 20+ Seasons Now!

    Any new legal series that comes out has to measure up against Law & Order. Saying this show is iconic isn’t enough. Not only is it worth the binge, but they’re past the 20th season now!
    That doesn’t surprise us since this drama keeps you guessing and  entertained. Those involved do an outstanding at making the show what it is, especially Dick Wolf (the creator). To be as consistent and  compelling for as long as Law & Order is a tall task.

  6. 6 Who Could Forget This Classic?

    Married… with Children is a show about a dysfunctional family  living in a fictional Chicago suburb. They weren’t the perfect family,  but that’s okay. Their lives made others feel better about whatever  dysfunction they had to face.
    Ed O’Neill, Christina Applegate, and Katey Sagal star in this series and do a great job. That’s part of the reason why Married… with Children lasted for a decade. Now, it’s in re-run heaven bringing joy to everyone who decides to watch.

  7. 7 Who Else But Meredith Grey

    Meredith Grey began her journey at Seattle Grace Hospital in 2005 and as of 2020, she’s still there going strong. Ellen Pompeo stars in this  medical drama that always finds a way to stir your emotions. 

    From marriage to death, nothing is off-limits in this series. If you thought that they came up with every possible wild scenario, creator Shonda  Rhimes says, “hold my beer.” We don’t know how much longer Grey’s Anatomy can last, but we’re here for the journey.

  8. 8 It’s A Bird.. It’s A Plane It’s!

    uperman! In 2001, The CW finally brought the world an origin Superman show that would last the test of time. Viewers got to see Clark Kent  navigate life in Smallville, Kansas before he got labeled the Man of  Steel. 

    What’s even better about the series is that it spawned the Supergirl spinoff! In the first four seasons, you get to see high school Kent, before they transition to adult life in season five. We’d recommend giving Smallville a try if you haven’t already.

  9. 9 The Simpsons!

    The Simpsons is iconic. It might be the most popular show on  this list, and that’s thanks to its incredible run. It first aired in  1989, so that’s decades of Bart Simpson getting choked out by his dad,  Homer. 

    Something creepy about the series is how it managed to predict real-life events in certain episodes. Nonetheless, The Simpsons will forever live in pop-culture, long after they decide to cancel it. Seriously, there are hundreds of episodes. 

  10. 10 Are You Into Crime?

    Crime Scene Investigation started in 2000 and would last 15  seasons before ending in 2015. It was a show about American procedural  forensics that captivated many viewers thanks to the exciting cases. 

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has so many awards, you would need a couple of hands to keep count on  your fingers. The show started to get tired, but the addition of Ted  Dansen in 2011 made it even more interesting and brought in more  viewers. 

  11. 11 House Can Fix It

    If there was ever a case that other doctors labeled impossible, Gregory House would gladly take it. House was a series about an overly intelligent doctor who thinks everyone lies and only cares about himself.

  12. 12 Get Ready, Get Set!

    It’s All That! The Nickelodeon series that featured some of  the brightest up-and-coming stars (Kenan Thompson, Amanda Bynes, and  Nick Cannon) started in 1994. After lasting until 2000, it went off the  air for some time.

    In 2002, they brought it back for three years  before shutting it down once again. And once again in 2019, they decided to give it another go with some of the original cast members making  appearances every so often. 

  13. 13 Curb Your Enthusiasm With Larry David

    There’s a reason Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm continues  to remain on the air since 2000. If you exclude the fact that David  likes to wait for quite some time before releasing a season, then you’ll understand. 

    Curb is funny. David uses his character to  embellish his selfish behavior, but deep down, many want to act as he  does in certain situations. Watching the serious is almost cathartic in  that it allows you to see what would happen if you responded to people  like a jerk.

  14. 14 Two And A Half Is All You Need

    Before Charlie Sheen started “winning,” he was the star of one of the most popular series of the past two decades. Two men and a younger boy  live together in a fancy home where beautiful women come and go. 

    That sounds like a bachelor’s dream. Eventually, Sheen got replaced with  Ashton Kutcher as the lead, and the show came to an end not too long  after that switch in stars. Kutcher still made it worth watching, but it wasn’t the same. 

  15. 15 Oh My Gosh! You Killed Kenny!

    Not including South Park isn’t a smart idea. Much like the other series we have featured, South Park managed to stand the test of time and continues to power forward. 

    A tad more vulgar than the other entries here, South Park remains relevant and hilarious by tackling current events in a diabolical  manner. “Screw you guys, I’m going home,” is a phrase in the Hall of  Fame for best catchphrases.  

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