People Who Clearly Do Not Belong to This Planet

To what extent can human creativity and humor be used? If you look at the things around you, you should find that some people actually play their own ideas in life, and do things that you think you can’t do, and the process will make people smile. Now Just take a look at pictures of human creativity and humor!

  1. 1 Hot bitch!!

  2. 2 When you are bored while working at the store and you want to use the phones to tell a story:

  3. 3 Okay darling! Do not mess with your grandpa..

  4. 4 How men wanna be treated when their boys aren’t around

  5. 5 "One of my old teachers does different costumes for her yearbook photo every year."

  6. 6

  7. 7 Jewelry electrician

  8. 8 They said she’d only wear it once...

  9. 9 "Nah it’s cool. I didn’t need to sit during my 50 minute commute."

  10. 10 Yes, potatoes are more important to be cleaned so does the potato stand

  11. 11 An out-of-town pharaoh

  12. 12 "This guy brought his 'Emotional Support Clown" to his firing"

  13. 13 When you want to kill your time, no matter what.

  14. 14 If you're not good at something, ruin it for others.

  15. 15 Paul's productivity is real challenge

  16. 16 This outfit only cost a couple of bucks

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