Approve your Adsense Account with an easy and simple method

Personally talking,
            After being rejected twice, I was task struck and annoyed by the fact that after working hard and investing my precious time as a student into the path of pursuing blogging carrier. You work hard to roll out new, and tailored posts on your blog each day, each week and hours of dedication behind sharing posts, trying hard to fetch some views and at the same time, doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your site, Page Rank  Improvements and what not! 
Time goes on and we slowly start believing that this would never happen. Most of the aspiring bloggers beholding vast potential and already giving it to the fullest think what they shouldn’t and quit this profession without knowing what they did wrong or either they were just a bit away. 
Don’t worry, it would be much simpler and straightforward than any other guide on the web which covers vasts and vasts of topics and steps which you don’t even need to bother about in the very beginning. We have curated content in such a way that following only these 4 piece of cake steps, you would be kickstarting your blog with AdSense approval real quick.

Here is a full detailed guide to getting Google Adsense approval for blogger and not get rejected anymore:

1. Build a Content Rich and Good Looking Site

The most critical thing you need to acknowledge is that a real Google representative will visit your site, click around, and read your substance. 
It is not a robot that just creeps around your site to check on the off chance that you have everything delineated in their necessities list. 
That implies… some incredibly brilliant person who works for Google will visit your site, click around, read your articles, investigate your source code. Conclude that it’s a decent, top-notch site that offers some benefit to perusers. Following the rules is simply part of the condition. To pass the manual survey process, your site must be high calibre.
Being one the best (or perhaps best) platform over the web which allows its publishers to serve automatic advertisements on their site, Google wants to make sure you have best possible content, posts on your website which is unique (Do not copy-paste), useful and of course comply with its policies.  
You will have to make sure not to steal any content (posts, pictures) from any source, as it will bring you in a zone where google will detect plagiarism and never approve your AdSense application. Be patient, even if you can post only 2-3 posts per week, it is absolutely fine. Make sure you create indulging posts which readers find interesting and spend as much as possible time on your site which will boost your page rank and will bring organic traffic. 
Google will also make sure your site has enough quantity of quality content. This means that posting 5-10 well-written posts will not do your job and get Adsense approval for you. You must at least write down 20 posts(I suggest this number personally; I was having 26 posts when I got approved) so that search engine can make sure your site has enough quality content to behold the readers. 
Now, it must not be easy to post around 20 posts but believe me, it is the minimum amount of posts needed to qualify, according to a global survey with at least length of 500 words. Moreover, I would like you to have an incredible “About Page“, “Contact” page, and a “Privacy Policy” page. The privacy policy approach needs to incorporate this data provided by Google here. You can locate a free privacy policy generator that I have utilized appropriately hereHow to post that much relevant content on your blog will take us to our next point: 

2. Choose a Profitable Niche that you love

You guessed it right, choosing a niche is the answer to your question. That’s how you can easily reach 20 posts in no time. For a good niche, 20 posts are just a matter of a few weeks. This also brings you in a good position to get approved because search engines and advertising platforms can know what content is there on your site and what readers would be looking for on your site. Ultimately, google auto ads will display relevant ads and your CTR will increase. This will bring you more fortune. 
Starting now and into the foreseeable future, AdSense has changed the AdSense endorsement process, and made is simple for new distributors. Here is the new record endorsement process:

  1. Guarantee your site is good with AdSense 
  2. Agree to accept an AdSense account 
  3. Log in to your AdSense account 
  4. Include the AdSense code 

Hang tight for 1-2 weeks for conclusive survey and endorsement

3. Keep your website clean

Your site is there to offer some valuable content first, and make cash second. 
Your site basically makes cash by offering some benefit to perusers. 
Putting your page with advertisements from several networks makes for an awful client encounter. 
Regardless of whether you choose you to need to blend in other advertisement arranges, later on, evacuate them when you present your site for endorsement.
As we told you before, copying contents such as paragraphs, contents as well as using copyrighted images will bring you in trouble zone to get approved by Google. Similarly, there is another issue which needs to be taken care of: that is alternate advertisement networks. Yes, you heard that right. in my first ever blog, when I was being rejected for the 2nd time, I was already frustrated and started looking for an alternative to Google Adsense. I found many of them and started looking reviews about them and comparing them; finding out which one was the better alternative to Google Adsense in terms of payout. There were lots of Advertisement Networks which require much less or no verification or approval procedure. There were affiliate marketing providers too with a lucrative business model. If you finally decide to go with such an alternative, make sure it is legit and if not, make sure any type of Advertisement cod or any type of script is not present on your website that makes you rejected by Google for your Adsense approval.

4. Design website properly

What will you do in the event that you arrive a page with a full brilliant yellow background with white content on it, having colossal catches everywhere? 
Truly, you’ll never visit that site again. 
Web pages which are ineffectively structured and are hard for the guests to comprehend get dismissed by Google AdSense. You should have a decent and perfect structure which comforts the eye and is lovely in the look.

Here is the procedure for AdSense endorsement: 

  • Enlist for an AdSense account by going to Give all the right data about your Name, Address, and Website URL. 
  • Login to AdSense account makes AdSense codes. Place the codes in your blog sidebar. 
  • Advertisements will appears as clear until the point that the last endorsement process doesn’t wrap up. It might take up to about fourteen days for endorsement. Ensure you don’t expel the promotions. 
  • After the last AdSense endorsement, you will get an affirmation email. 
  • When your AdSense winning spans $10, AdSense will mail you a PIN to your location. 
  • Log in to your AdSense account, and enter the Pin once you get it. 
  • Well done you have finished every one of the means. When your record comes to $100, Google will send you or wire your winning. I prescribe you to empower coordinate bank exchange for AdSense instalments. 
  • Despite the fact that this will surely help in space proprietorship check and increasingly over the individuals who are joining utilizing another person site, may think that it is intense to get into Adsense.


Simply envision what number of nasty locales the Adsense analyst needs to experience in a single day. 
Keep in mind that for each site that gets rejected, an individual needed to stay there and experience it. 
It’s been said that just 3 out of 1000 locales are accepted and approved. 
That implies… these commentators are experiencing around 997 destinations previously discovering one that meets their models. 
Following the strategies and rules of what Google needs is vital. 
But on the other hand, it’s vital to survey your site for quality in the shoes of the Adsense commentator. 
On the off chance that you can do that, you ought to have the capacity to get your Adsense account affirmed without any issues.

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