Animals Who Take Size To The Extremes

  1. 1 It's a Bear! It's a Mammoth! No it's Giant Dog!

    The new vet assistants are extra careful when they come across a dog  like this. But everyone else knows that he’s a sweetheart. Some call him a mammoth, others call him a bear, but inside, he’s just a puppy.

  2. 2 Giant Leatherback Sea Turtle

    This sea turtle is known a the Leatherback Sea Turtle, or even the luth, lute turtle. It would be pretty crazy to see one up close but it  reminds us that those giant sea turtles in anime are indeed real.

  3. 3

    This chameleon looks exactly like Pascal from Tangled and looks like he  has the same personality. However, this one is just a little guy who can fit on your fingertip. He sure would be a fun buddy to have around.

  4. 4 Baby anteaters are possibly the cutest animals I've ever seen!

    This baby anteater is cuter than I could have imagined. In books and  stories, anteaters never shine. But in real life they are as cute and  cuddly as a baby sloth. And we all know how popular sloths are these  days.

  5. 5 Baby owl after a bath.

    Everyone loves owls these days but that doesn’t make this owl any less  surprisingly adorable. He just took a bath and has bright eyes staring  at you. Owls are one of the most majestic creatures still living.

  6. 6 Newborn kitten

  7. 7

    That is a full grown dog and pony together LOOK AT THAT!

  8. 8

  9. 9 Black Wolf Hybrid

    This dog is half wolf. But you know, that’s all the info we have on him. I’m not sure if the other half is bear or if the wolf is a dire wolf  because that boy is a big one.

  10. 10 So, I googled world's biggest frog and this came up

    Turns out this is the world’s biggest frog. It looks like he weight a  ton. Since the Goliath Frog only reaches about a foot in length, many  are calling this photoshopped.

  11. 11 Meet Petra

    This little mouse’s name is Petra. She is a baby mouse, 11 days old, and I feed her milk with a paintbrush.

  12. 12 12 foot wide Japanese Crab

    This guy is known as the Nomura’s Jellyfish from Japan. He’s almost  seven feet tall and almost 500 pounds. Some call him the Sumo Jelly  because of his size and origin. I wouldn’t want to meet him in the  ocean.

  13. 13

    This lady is happy because she has a giant, loyal dog who would do  anything to protect her. Look at his sweet face. It’s amazing how large  creatures like this are so calm and yet could do so much damage if they  wanted to.

  14. 14 Also working with the baby hedgehogs this morning got this great one.

    Hedgehogs are amazing. Not only are they the inspiration for some of the coolest characters but they scare away sankes and have soft prickles.  They make pretty good pets actually and are nicer than hamsters.

  15. 15 Cute tiny finger monkey!

    Have you ever heard of the popular kids’ toy Fingerlings? Well, this is  what they were inspired by. These tiny monkeys fit on your finger and  love to hug it tight. Makes them think of their mama.

  16. 16

    This giant manta ray is rather scary. They are endangered and can grow  to over 1000 pounds. That is not a stingray you want to mess with, but  it looks like this guy needed a little but of help.

  17. 17 Those Some Good Hugs

    Have you ever seen one of these? It looks like a giant mudpuppy or  salamander, but in truth, I have no idea what it is. But then again, I’d rather not meet one in person, even though they look friendly.

  18. 18 The World's Tallest Horse Alive Today

    His name is Big Jake and he’s the world’s tallest horse. Imagine a horse that is twice as tall as you are. That may feel like riding a warhorse  but it’s nothing to joke about. Let’s hope Big Jake is friendly.

  19. 19 Meet the largest bat on Earth - The Pemba Flying fox with an average wingspan of 6 feet

    Count Von Count would love this guy but I think I’d like to pass. Meet  the largest bat on earth, the Pemba Flying Fox with an average wingspan  of six feet. Now that’s quite a bat if you ask me.

  20. 20

    Although eagles can be scary, they are cool enough that it doesn’t  matter, especially compared to our other entries. This harpy eagle is  one of the largest in the world and it looks like he has a buddy.

  21. 21

  22. 22

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