10+ Articles About Websites Design

Articles About Websites Design Inspirations

you are a brand new business building your first website, or an established one in need of a revamp, there is a slew of factors you’ll need to take into account. Consumers and technology have evolved, SEO algorithms have changed, and new digital tools have emerged.

Website Design


How to Rank in 2018: The SEO Checklist

How your design your website can play a pivotal role in how you rank in search engines like Google and Bing. And there’s perhaps no better authority on SEO, SERP, and keyword analysis than Moz. Rand Finshkin breaks down everything you need to know about designing your website to be SEO friendly, taking into account updated ranking algorithm changes.


8 Great Examples of B2B Web Design

For companies involved in business to business sales of products and services, websites have to be designed and optimized for a different audience than consumer focused websites. DBS Interactive provides some of the best examples of B2B web design principles such as functional minimalism, clearly defined value proposition, and CTA placement.


Use These Web Design Tricks to Grow Your Business Exponentially

Gabriel Shaoolian from Entrepreneur talks about how to use web design tactics like video landing pages, parallax scrolling, and animated calls to action that will make a concrete impact on business growth.


The Four Web Design Trends Businesses Should Actually Care About

What are some of the top web design trends for 2018 that your business should be aware of? Bryant Chou from Forbes goes over things like long-form multimedia, content hubs and e-books, and principles-first design.


7 detailed tips on how to improve your website in 2018

Technology is always changing, and it takes a lot of effort to keep your website in line with what’s new. Aaron Dicks from The Next Web takes a closer look at some of the most important technical improvements you can make to your website this year like mobile optimization and AMP for ads.


5 steps to speed up your image heavy website

One of the biggest website design optimization mistakes that businesses make is image size. Slow loading times hurts not only the user experience but SEO and search rankings. Brandon Morelli of Codeburstio goes over how to audit your website for heavy image size and make the necessary changes.


5 Best Responsive Web Design Practices in 2018

There’s no telling what device users might access your website on. Whether it’s PC, smartphone, or tablet, your website needs to be responsive to every device, browser and operating system to ensure a seamless experience. TG Daily breaks down everything from typography to grid design on how to make your website responsive.


16 of the Best Landing Page Design Examples You Need to See in 2018

Landing pages can be one of the most effective tools in targeting your lead generation efforts towards specific customer segments. Here, Hubspot provides a ton of landing page inspiration for 2018. From big brands like Shopify and Airbnb, you’ll learn how to properly execute landing page elements like forms, copy, and layout.


How to Get Truly Memorable Video Testimonials from Your Customers

Nothing builds credibility with future customers better than testimonials from your current ones. Here, Zachary Basner provides a comprehensive guide on how to get some of the best customer testimonial content for your website, and produce it into engaging and informative video format.


Why Less is More When it Comes to Your Business Website

When it comes to website design, it’s easy to get carried away with text, videos, pictures, and other elements that you think the visitor needs to see. Mallen Baker from DaisyWheel explains why you should avoid overstuffing your website with too much content, and how you can accomplish your business goals through a simplistic approach to design.


How to Create a Professional Web Layout in Photoshop

Whether you’re dealing with a freelance designer or an internal team, odds are you’re going to need a website layout mockup to being the design process. Your layout functions as the initial foundation for your design, so the better it is, the easier the whole process will go. Photoshop Tutorials provides an in-depth, step by step guide on creating a professional layout with one of the most powerful graphic design softwares on the market, Adobe Photoshop.


5 Reasons Why Infographics Still Matter in Content Marketing

It’s true that the Infographic has been around for quite some time, but it’s still one of the most effective resources you can have on your website to communicate complex concepts in a concise, colorful, and impactful way. But times have changed, and Shutterstock provides an updates how-to on producing infographics that will resonate with today’s digital consumer.


How much should your web design cost?

Depending on your business and budget, you’ll need to sort out how exactly you’re going to design your website, who’s going to do it, and around how much it’s going to cost. 99Designs offers a highly detailed breakdown of what your website design plan needs to include, and the different pricing options typically available. From a freelancer driven the project to the full-blown agency, you’ll need to browse this guide to make sure your website is delivered not just on time, but on a budget as well.

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